Keeping divers in the water


  • Relieves the strain on Camera & Light bulkhead connectors

  • Attaches directly onto the rear weight of the Kirby Morgan 17C, 27, 37 and 47

  • Can be manufactured with any combination of Umbilical, Camera & Light Connectors

NEW Design of a Camera/Light Bident Assembly




Greco Developments Ltd was formed in April 1988 when I decided to become self-employed. I had already spent an exciting ten years as a machinist in the burgeoning diving industry, and decided that the time was right to go it alone. From pure machining, the company diversified into the design and manufacture of various products for the diving industry. Dies for aluminium and brass castings were machined and the resulting products became a standard accessory for many company’s divers and ROVs. Other associated products like lamp glasses followed.


As part of our expansion process the company began to design and manufacture tooling for underwater ROV cables. We were the first to introduce artistic flair in our designs by incorporating curved surfaces where previously only straight bores and tapers had been used to produce a moulded cable joint.


Soon afterwards, we stopped subcontracting our moulding work and set up our own in-house cable moulding facility. This allowed us to keep a close check on quality and quite quickly we became market leaders with a wide range of clients, many of them overseas.


From cables, the natural progression was to diversify into diving umbilicals. This we did, covering all aspects of umbilical maintenance including supply, repairs and testing, cleaning and certification.  We also look after the logistics and management of over 500 umbilicals for most of the major diver operators.



                        Peter Greig                  

                        Company Director

Vintage Photograph
Vintage Photograph

Diver operating 2W stud welder

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Diver's Helmet
Diver's Helmet

Showing Greco handle and weight mounted comms assembly

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Excursion umbilical
Excursion umbilical

Fitted with 10m canvas protector

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